Hi everyone. I'm Shani Chen, a 23-year-old photographer from Jenkintown, PA. 
Photography became a huge part of my life in my most recent years. A friend of mine handed me his camera during a show we were at and I started snapping some shots and instantly fell in love. Something about the rush of trying to capture the perfect picture in such a fast pace environment brought a light into my life that I never thought I'd see. 
Eventually, I purchased my own camera and started taking pictures of some friends. I became so attached to my camera I couldn't let it go. Taking portraits for friends and family is always a fun time, especially when I'm in control of the mood and setting of the photo. 
I am currently doing donation work. Let me explain. Not everyone can afford a quality photographer, but can offer support and promotion. Those who can afford it are more than welcome to support my art by giving any kind of donation they can, but to those who can't I will not turn you away, and will welcome you with open arms.
My artistic goal in life is to become a tour photographer for one of my many favorite artists, and I hope to accomplish that goal in the near future. 
Thank you for taking a trip in my world and how I view it.
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